Friday, December 17, 2010

Photos on life in the shtetl

A " Segulah"( a mystical incantation or action) against the evil eye,"Eina Bisha,"  from the notebook of grandfather Shmuel Weinberg, a devout and pious Jew, who sent his sons to the "gymnasia", an act of heresy in that region and time.

Class picture from "Gymnasia"( high school) in Dolina. If this is the entering class, at 7th grade in the American system, my father, second from right on the top, would have been  12, which would put date this picture as 1913, a year befroe the outbreak of World War I.

William Weinberg, age 12,in the gymnasia uniform which angered his neighboring Hasidim because it was an emblem of the assimilated Jew.

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  1. any knowledge of the Wallachs of Dolina that left in 1892. some got arrested in Leipzig in 1942? any knowledge of the Michael Wallach family? write back to