Monday, February 27, 2017

The Desecration of Jewish Graves 2017 Now and 1950 Then

The Desecration of Jewish Graves 2017 Now and 1950 Then

We have been sickened to our stomachs by the news that the graves of our dead have been defiled in the past few weeks in St. Louis and Philadelphia.

Those who hate us take out their pitiable rage against those who can never come back to avenge them.

Thus it was, in 1950, in Germany, when the remnants of the Nazis, afraid to take action against their American occupiers, took out their grievances against the Jewish dead. My father ,as the Chief Rabbi of Hesse ( Frankfurt region) to the lead in arousing the American and German governments to take action to safeguard the cemeteries.

The following news clip from a German newspaper and a Reuters news release described the events and the response of the American High Commissioner and the new head of Germany, Konrad Adenauer,

We are still the prime victims of the longest  racial hatred in human history. With all the due concern for all other minority groups in America and in Europe, Jews are still the prime target. In the middle east, except for Israel, there is no Jewish problem--all Jews were expelled 70 years ago!