Monday, December 13, 2010

1 Intro- Micro as Window on the Macro


Chapter 1
Micro as Window on the Macro

All Jewish thought begins with a question. Here is my question.
Why write about one family?
After all, there are 6 billion plus individuals, surely at least a billion families. Why write about Jews, who numerically are a statistical margin of error in a population census.
The Micro sheds light on the macro. One Jewish family highlights the story of the Jews and the Jews highlight the story of the human family. As the adage goes, Jews are like everyone else, only more so.
I am impelled to this primarily because of the story of my parents. My father, Rabbi William Weinberg, survived Nazi jail and Soviet exile. My mother, Irene Weinberg, survived Nazi head-hunters in the guise of an Aryan. They worked with the “ She’erith Hapletah”, the surviving remnants of the Holocaust who rebuilt their lives on the ashes of dead Europe and set off for the
wonders of America, or for the new dream of a State of Israel. They both lived to see the blessing of the Psalms,” They shall see the children of their children.”
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