Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Scroll of Esther- The account of Irene Weinberg and a moral tale of courage to persevere while being hunted

This is the account of my mother, Irene Weinberg, of blessed memory, which I delivered on Jan 23, 2021, on the weekend preceding 99 years since her birthday, Jan.25, one day before her liberation by the Soviets at Gleiwitz. Irene Weinberg survived in the open, under the noses of the Nazis, all the while, hiding her aunt as well. This is her account. 0 This opens the power point presentation, with her account, photos from her life in hiding, and selections from her video-taped interview. under the auspices of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles in 1994. Original photos and documents are on file at the Holocaust Museum of Los Angeles and at the United States Museum of the Holocaust
This is th link to my video presentation https://youtu.be/UkqSCnq7Amw

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