Thursday, December 27, 2012

One-Way Ticket to Survival- Paid for by Eichmann and Heydrich!

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One-Way Ticket to Survival- 

Paid for by Eichmann and Heydrich!

                It is not clear when the Nazi leadership formulated the “Final Solution”. Recent documents show that it was incipient in Hitler’s mind while he was still a corporal in the Austrian army;it was alluded to in  Mein Kampf. It certainly took formal shape at the infamous Wannsee Conference.  What is certain is that the German leadership at this time was determined to remove all Jews from the newly enlarged German territory and one event provided the pretext to begin this massive ethnic cleansing.

        In June of 1938, the Nazi pressure on Jews in Germany and Austria had grown to the point that the major nations gathered at Evian, France, to discuss a solution to the growing problem of Jewish refugees. Each nation offered its sympathies, but only the tiny Dominican Republic opened its doors . It became clear to the Nazi leaders that they could work their will on their Jews. Many had already fled Germany and it was clear that no major power was ready to stand up on behalf of the Jews. The regime now ordered the expulsion of Jews of non-German citizenship. This meant, for the most part, Jews of Polish nationality, but the  Polish government, at the same time, emboldened by the paralysis of the states gathered at Evian, stripped non-resident Jews of their Polish citizenship. Thousands of Jews were expelled to the Polish border but the border was shut before them and they were left to languish in a no-man’s land, neither here nor there.



  1. i sent you my grandfather Alexander MORGENSTERN story
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    name: Joseph morag (MORGENSTERN)

  2. hi Norbert!
    i recently found some of my grandfathers letters ,he was also took place in the ...Vienna - Nisko act. taking place at 20/10/1939 and also ended to Lwow..
    did you read germane
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    yossi morag?