Dear Program Organizer:
                As the son of Holocaust survivors, I well  know  the underlying courage of the Jewish people and the lessons that our heritage offers humanity. I have spent the past several years writing of their experiences and their lessons for us on my website and book, “The Courage of the Spirit". It is the story of Europe's Jewry in the 20th  Century, from family accounts and documents.   ( I
                I offer my services to your organization as a speaker on the lessons that I have learned from them. Your members will enjoy my presentation, delivered with video and rare images of the period.
                My father, Rabbi Dr. Wilhelm Weinberg, who served as  the first State Rabbi of Hesse, Germany, after the Holocaust, was a Zionist activist and Rabbinical student in Austria and Germany  in the years before the rise of Nazism. He  was imprisoned twice by the Nazis and escaped to the Soviet Union.  My mother, Irene Weinberg,  enjoyed childhood with her Ukrainian and Polish neighbors, survived under the Nazis under the camouflage of an Aryan identity in Lwow and Warsaw, Poland, and then escaped Poland with the Bricha.
                My themes are:
                Nazi Jail and Communist Exile—The account of my father’s education in Vienna, Rabbinic studies in Berlin ( which included arranging for the last lecture of Albert Einstein in Berlin), imprisonment under trumped up charges in Nazi  jail, his escape to Czechoslovakia and imprisonment again, and again escape and survival inside the Soviet Union.
                The Safest Place to be a Jew- Inside Nazi Officers Quarters—the account of my mother’s childhood in Lwow, Poland, living under the Soviet occupation and then Nazi occupation, surviving the Nazi hunt for Jews by passing as a Pole of German origins, escaping from Lwow to Warsaw and getting a room in quarters housing Nazi officers –where she hid her aunt in a closet.  
                Where Judaism Differed   --An examination of the key ideologies of the 20th Century—Psychoanalysis. Marxism, Racism, and the Celebration of Unbridled Passion.  What were the great ideologies of the 20th century ( and their 21st century variations) and what did Judaism have to offer in contrast. A look at key themes that still affect us today from the perspective of a young Rabbi writing in 1937. 
                From the Shtetl to the Cosmopolis- A look at the great transition that overtook Judaism in modern times, from the realm of the Shtetl of Dolina, where the souls of the dead went to shule to daven at midnight,  to the Cosmopolitan  Vienna of Freud  and the Socialist and Fascist Revolutions.
You are welcome to visit my site at  . You can also see me in action at this brief clip from a wedding: 

Lecture fees depend on location, and travel and lodging expenses.

I can be reached by email at or by phone at 323-428-9817. I have added a brief resume for your reference at the end of this letter.
Rabbi Norbert Weinberg
Rabbi Dr. Norbert Weinberg has had a distinguished career in the Rabbinate and in education and was  awarded  the degree of Doctor of Divinities, honoris causa, by his alma mater, the Jewish Theological Seminary, in recognition of his service.
            He and his wife, Ofra, ran the Huntington Learning Center School Services in Encino, where they work with children in providing supplementary education for children under the Federal No Child Left Behind Act.
            He is currently working on historical research on the Jews of 20th Century Europe, “The Courage of the Spirit: The story of Europe's Jewry in the 20th  Century, from family accounts and documents”. His work is posted on line at He is advisor to and ,new social media services for health and wellness.
            He has now returned to served as Rabbi to Hollywood Temple Beth El  in Los Angeles, where he also served from 1990 to 1996,where his main focus was the integration of the new wave of Russian Jewish immigrants into American Jewish life. Prior to that, he directed the Central Institute for Jewish Studies at Bet Berl, Israel, under the auspices of Israel’s Federation of Labor. His mandate was to help bridge the gap between  the secular and religious Jews within the labor movement and to emphasize Jewish societal values. He has also served as Rabbi in  Whittier, California, Newport-News , Virginia, and Houston, Texas.           .
            He was ordained as Rabbi and received his MA from the Jewish Theological Seminary, and his BA from New York University. He has also studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

            He and Ofra have three children, Danit, Adi, and Eran, and four grandchildren.     

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